Now, a Little About Us

Why start a marketing and communications firm in an already oversaturated marketplace? Curbside Creative Co. founder Tori Sutton often thinks she’s lost her mind. The concept of Curbside Creative Co. came about in earnest, after nearly 20 years in the trenches of media, marketing and communications. Having experienced the pain of executing effective strategies with meager resources and watching other businesses struggle with the same, Tori knew there was a need for hands-on, bottom-up support.

Enter the pandemic. A challenging time for all business, but the hospitality industry was especially devastated. The fanciest restaurants – the kind that would have never offered takeout – were forced into providing curbside pick up in a bid to survive. Guess what? The food quality was still great. Everything tasted good. It opened up an entirely different world.

What if you could take the ease of a fast-food restaurant (customization and speed) and combine it with the quality of a classy establishment (quality and expertise), but make it all about marketing and comms? You’d get Curbside Creative Co.

Whether it’s a one-time engagement or a years-long affair, Curbside Creative Co. can get you where you need to be. Our customized, no-frills approach to marketing and communications suits not only your unique business needs, but your budget as well.

Say goodbye to stress and say hello to Curbside Creative Co. We’re ready to take your order.

We Believe

• All businesses deserve high-quality, affordable marketing and communications support
• A thorough understanding of the business landscape is essential for marketing success
• Industry experience and education matter when choosing an outsourced marketer
• All businesses benefit from comprehensive corporate communications, no matter their size
• Not everything online needs to be influencer beige
• Creativity, collaboration and innovation drive success
• One-size-fits-all solutions don’t work

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